Dubai cheap/Inexpensive markets List 2021.

Featuring Dubai markets diverse and spread along the emirate and is also not devoid of the most beautiful element of tourist sites in Dubai and here we will review popular markets in Dubai and high – end markets (Malls Dubai) in the Department Malls of Dubai , we will also review the wholesale markets in Dubai and across the United Arab Emirates and We forget in our review of the Dubai Abaya Market, as this commodity is popular and is distinguished by the Emirate of Dubai.

Murshid Market

Murshid Market is considered one of the oldest markets in Dubai and the largest popular and cheap Dubai market. It contains the wholesale and retail market of all kinds of goods and all countries. It also contains the Great Gold Market and a number of the largest Dubai Abaya markets, which is the first destination for shopping and enjoyment. It is located in the Al Ras area, and it also contains the largest A market for perfumes, incense, aromatic fats, gifts and luxuries. It is considered a Murshid market, despite its cheap prices, but it contains all new goods and the latest fashion. Do not miss a visit to the Murshid Market and the tourist places in Dubai.

The way to Murshid market:

The Murshid Market is located in the Al Ras area, next to the Post Office, the Fish Market and the Gold Market as well. It can be reached by metro by choosing the Al Ras station. If you are driving a car, it is on the Dubai Corniche Road. Just drive along the Corniche from within the Deira area and you will reach it with ease.

Naif Dubai market

Naif Dubai Market is located in Sikkat Al Khail, which is on the same stretch as the Murshid Market, which is the oldest market in Dubai and bears the same character as the Murshid Market, in addition to the Al-Zina car market on Al-Musalla Street, the phone complex, the tools and tools market, and a lot of wonderful activities. It also contains the famous Baniyas Square and Naif Dubai Market. Abayas Read more.

The way to the Naif Souq Dubai website:

Naif Souk is located in the vicinity of Souk Murshid, which we have already mentioned before. It is located in the heart of Deira and can be reached by choosing Union Station / Naif Souk. As for the car starting from Al Maktoum Bridge, it starts from the bridge directly until it reaches the clock roundabout, then you take a branch to the right of the street Maktoum commits this street until the street 27 Th / St even brings you roll on the right (Naif Road) at Naif Park to walk this street commits this street after the California Hotel on your left with 1 Kailua almost Leadtek market Nayef and I wish you a happy shopping trip.

Mena Bazaar Dubai

Mina Bazaar is one of the most popular markets in Dubai and is located in the vicinity of the Bur Dubai market and is considered a landmark in the list of tourist places in Dubai. Meena Bazaar is the largest Indian market in Dubai, which contains all Indian goods and commodities such as Indian jewelry, accessories, clothes, fabrics, carpets, textiles and Indian furniture, as well as Indian food, spices, restaurants and many goods and events from Indian heritage of simple value in terms of price and high in quality. And beauty, the trip to the Mina Bazaar Dubai market combines shopping and buying gifts and getting to know Indian culture closely and is full of fun.

The way to the Mena Bazaar, Dubai:

The journey to Mina Bazaar by taxi takes approximately 25 minutes from Deir, as for the metro, you choose Al Fahidi Station, but it is not close to Mina Bazaar, and it can also be reached by boat crossing the creek. See the map of Al Fahidi Market Dubai Click here…. If you are driving, the road starts from Al Shindagha Tunnel, which you reach via Baniyas Street from within the Deira area. The creek is on your left hand and you stick to the street until you find yourself entering the Al Shindagha Tunnel, which passes under the creek.

Al Fahidi Market Dubai:

The world of shopping in Dubai is a diverse and very wide world that is not devoid of fun and surprises, including the popular market in Dubai, which we are talking about here is the Bur Dubai market, which is called Al Fahidi Market or the Old Dubai Market. Al Fahidi Market is located in the Bur Dubai area, which is on the opposite bank of Dubai Creek if you are in Deira area, specifically Al Ras area on Baniyas Street. Al Fahidi Market has a special character as it represents the ancient heritage mixed with various markets, including the cloth market, electronics stores, ready-made clothes, used goods market, telephone shops, in addition to souvenir shops, national goods and many other facilities and services. It is considered one of the most prominent Cheap markets in Dubai as it represents one of the tourist places in Dubai The trip to the cloth market in Dubai as it is called in another name is a wonderful experience, especially when going to it by crossing the creek by boat and this we will address later.

The way to Al Fahidi Market Dubai:

The map of Bur Dubai market (Al Fahidi) 

The Bur Dubai market can be reached by metro by choosing the Al Fahidi station or by another beautiful way, which is to ride a boat from Baniyas Street, located in the Al Ras area on the creek from within the Deira area. If you are driving, here is the way out of Deira via Al Maktoum Bridge and you On the bridge, follow the Bur Dubai / Al Karama sign, then take the lap to the right, which is the second lap that is located immediately after the bridge to the right, then you become on Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street, follow the secondary street to the right, until the sign for Al-Seef Street comes to the right, you enter this street, then you become on Al-Seef Street, you must follow this Street until a small roundabout comes to you. Take from the roundabout on the left, then the second roundabout comes, you take it to the right and you become on Al Fahidi Street, which is around the Bur Dubai market and Al Fahidi Market. Al Fahidi Street will take you to a street on the right side of the traffic light, which is Ali Bin Abi Talib Street, may God be pleased with him. This street with its curves and then you find yourself in the middle of the Bur Dubai market and a group of other markets.

China market in Dubai ( Dragon Market )

The Chinese Dragon Market is located in Dubai in International City on Al Awir Road towards Al Ain, and it is the largest wholesale market in Dubai and is also unique in terms of Chinese goods. It contains all Chinese goods and I am nominally the market of wonders and surprises and combines price, diversity and quality in the world of shopping in Dubai. The China market in Dubai is a major destination for shopping lovers because it contains exclusively Chinese goods at the cheapest prices and can be used in finishing and equipping homes, gardens, personal and family goods and gifts. It is also considered One of the most prominent Dubai cheap markets.


Map Of Dragon Mart Dubai:

The Chinese Dragon Mart in Dubai is located on Al Awir Road towards Amman and the metro does not reach that destination and by taxi it takes 25 minutes. If you are driving, here is the road from Baniyas Street located on the Dubai Creek (the river). You will follow this road along the Dubai Creek Golf Club It will be on your right, just as the creek will be on your right as well. Then take the exit sign (Al Garhoud – Umm Ramool – Al Rashidiya) to the right, then follow the new road towards Al Rashidiya / Umm Ramool and the name of this street is Al Rabat Street. Follow this street until you take the exit to the right (Sharjah / Al Qusais / Abu Dhabi / Dubailand) Then the Dubailand / Abu Dhabi junction in the same exit here you will be on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Street. You must follow this road until you come to a circular bridge at the Hatta / Amman exit, which leads you to Al Awir Road. You must follow this road until it comes to you directly on the right, the Dragon Market, which is located In International City (International City), I wish you a pleasant journey.

Wholesale market in Dubai

In this part, we will discuss one of the secrets of shopping in the Emirate of Dubai and the whole of the UAE, which is the wholesale market and the prices are very very cheap. The wholesale market in Dubai, despite the traditional printer, is considered one of the biggest attractions for merchants from all over the world and owners of large shopping, and it contains all kinds of goods, including food. And accessories for people, homes, tools, tools, gifts and much more. It is located in the same axis of the Murshid market in Dubai, specifically behind the fire station and the old Dubai Post, as well as behind the Bastaki shop and opposite the metro station (Al Ras Station) and access to it is the same as the description of the road to Murshid Market.   It is one of the cheapest Wholesale markets in Dubai, as well as the Heritage House Museum. I wish you a happy shopping trip.

Souk Okaz Dubai

Souk Okaz Dubai is located in the heart of Souk Murshid, the best places in Dubai for shoppers in terms of diversity, prices and renewal, despite the old traditional printer mixed with the latest models for all kinds of goods. Also one of the most prominent markets in Dubai for abayas.

Dubai is characterized by the art of satisfying all tastes, although some claim that Dubai is expensive because of the density of tourism, but the people of experience do not agree with this opinion. Dubai is a major destination for wholesalers and is famous for selling to all classes of tourists, and this is evidence that there is something that suits everyone, and Murshid Market is characterized by the fact that it contains cheap markets The most prominent of them is Souk Okaz, Dubai, for galabiyas, although its goods are of excellent class and of high quality, and the tourist places in Dubai suit all grades and are not without this factor as well.

Souk Okaz Dubai Location:

Souk Okaz Dubai is located in the heart of Souk Murshid, and access to it is the same as the road to Souk Murshid, I wish you a happy journey.

Spice Market  Dubai:

A visitor to the beautiful Emirate of Dubai comes to the idea of ​​looking for cheap markets in Dubai, while wanting to buy quantities of some of his needs. In this section, we show you a group of popular cheap Dubai markets, including the spice market in Dubai. Dubai spice market is one of the oldest and best popular markets In Dubai, it is also one of the tourist places in Dubai, due to the old heritage printer and the fact that it contains all kinds and types of spices and spices from around the world. There are also many famous products such as saffron and oriental mixtures that are not free from the taste of different countries of the world on the dining table. And if we compare The prices of this market are at the local prices in other countries. It is considered symbolic and accessible to everyone, and it is also a magnet for tourists and wholesalers.

The way to the spice market in Dubai:

The Spice Market in Dubai is located in the Al Ras area and overlooks Baniyas Street, which is located on the creek. It can be reached by metro by choosing the Al Ras station. It takes a 15-minute walk, which is behind the Gold Souk and wholesale markets in Dubai. After getting off the bridge, take the first roundabout to the right, the Deira/Al Ras sign, until you become on Baniyas Street, adjacent to Dubai Creek. You must follow this road and cross the first signal. Then the Gold Souk turn to the right, cross the curve ahead without turning around, then the spice market comes to you on the right as On the map Happy Journey.

Al Kabeel Center Dubai (Dubai’s popular flea markets):

The area of shopping in Dubai is large and varied, and we will discuss here about the Kabyle Center in Dubai, which is one of the most prominent discount centers for the sale of clothes, gifts, perfumes and souvenirs, especially if you want to buy gifts and luxuries, and the prices are symbolic, as you can buy a lot with a little. The largest in terms of diversity and renewal is offset on the other side of the street by the famous Hamar Ain Dubai Center, and we will address it in another article.

The way to the tribal center Dubai:

Al Kabeel Center is located on Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Street, may God be pleased with him. The nearest metro station is on Al Rigga Street, adjacent to Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Street, but it is a long way to walk from the metro station to the Kabyle Center in Dubai, and you can take a taxi. But if you are driving, here is the road starting from the Al Maktoum Bridge. When you go down from the bridge into Deira, you must follow the road ahead until you reach the Clock Roundabout, then cross the roundabout forward and become on Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Street, may God be pleased with him. You must follow this street for approximately 2 kilometers, then The tribal center becomes on your right hand.

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