Check Online FAB Balance enquiry: PPCInquiry PrePaid Card Inquiry portal of FAB Bank Card

First Abu Dhabi Bank offers corporate and investment banking services to individuals living in the UAE. For companies, there are special benefits of partnering with First Abu Dhabi Bank including low-cost financing options.

Fab Balance enquiry through Web Portal (Full Guide)

Fab bank has dedicated web portal for prepaid card holders. This is very simple process of checking balance on your web browser either on mobile screen or laptop. Now you can easily check the ratibi prepaid card balance using the method in this guide.

Fab Balance enquiry: Steps Involved in checking balance of FAB Card through PPC enquiry Method.

Make sure the fab card with you because you need the card to check balance online. Follow the three steps procedure to check your card balance in few seconds:

Step 1: Visit PPCInquiry Portal

Click on the link of PPC inquiry Portal

Step 2: Enter only last 2 digits

Enter only last 2 digits of your FAB prepaid card. You can find 16 digits on card but you have to write only last two digits in the portal.

Step 3: Enter the card ID

In this last step you have to enter the card id. Card Id is written on the left lower corner of card.

Fab Balance Inquiry through Web Portal (1)

Pictorial Guide:Fab Balance Inquiry through Web Portal

Update - 2021.09.30Note: Card Id is written on the lower left corner of your fab card.

Once you have entered the last two digits and card id on this portal hit the button “Go” and wait for few seconds.

Now you will see a screen showing you balance and last ten transactions. You can also search the transaction easily on this screen.

The National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) is now referred to by the name FAB also known as First Abu Dhabi Bank offers several prepaid credit cards that can help you avoid any hassle and stress in getting salary into your account easily. FAB is among the most secure banks in the world, and it can meet your financial requirements without problems. The FAB banks provide the following cards for prepaid:

FAB Bank Prepaid Cards:

  1. DWallet
  2. Ratibi Prepaid Card
  3. Payment Prepaid Card
  4. Prepaid Gift Card
  5. Multi-Currency Prepaid Card
  6. eDirham Cards
  7. New Generation eDirham Cards
  8. eDirham G2 Al Haslah Cards

All these cards balance can be checked with the above guide.

Fab Balance Inquiry prepaid cards

Fab Balance Inquiry prepaid cards


Benefits of FAB/Nbad Ratibi Prepaid Card

  1. No Minimum balance requirements for card holder.
  2. Card holder will get free insurance (Accident insurance)
  3. Access to huge network of ATM and CDM
  4. Enjoy above benefits without having bank account

Eligibility Criteria: How to Get Fab/Nbad Ratibi Prepaid Card?

  • The employer must have account in FAB.
  • The employee must be resident of UAE.
  • Only employees with complete and up-to-date KYC details will be eligible to get fab ratibi card.


If you have any of the prepaid card issued by Fab bank and you wish to check balance then you can easily check the balance in the above guide.

Fab is the largest bank after the merger of First Gulf Bank and National bank of Abu Dhabi into First Abu Dhabi bank.



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