how to calculate weeks of pregnancy

1. Calculate the number of days since your last menstrual cycle

2. Add 40 weeks to that number, and subtract 3 months from it

3. If you have a doctor’s appointment coming up, contact them for an accurate due date estimate

4. Use our pregnancy calculator to find out how many weeks pregnant you are now 

5. Remember to keep track of your weekly weight gain as well as any other symptoms you’re experiencing so that you can share those with your doctor when they come in for their next visit! 

find the number of weeks pregnant using the LMP or ultrasound information. The most accurate calculation is based on your menstrual cycle history since it is possible to determine when you conceived. If you have never been pregnant before, it can be done by ultrasound also. But this calculation is not so accurate in early days of pregnancy because during first few weeks there are no visible changes that develop into a fetus. A woman’s body undergoes some changes after conception, but they are difficult to notice at first. We will learn here how to calculate weeks of pregnancy- both ways with help of two different types of equations, one for women who have regular 28

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