How to cancel your Etisalat or du Sim card in UAE

Need to cancel or deactivate your Etisalat or du sim card? Looking for the right procedure to do so? Then this article is for you.

Whether you want to get rid of needless sim cards on your name or you are moving out of the country, you would need to permanently deactivate those sim cards.

The telecom market in the UAE is highly competitive, and there are a number of main providers including Etisalat and du. Cancellation processes for both postpaid and prepaid services are completely different, and can be difficult to understand. This article will outline the differences between the two types of cancellation, and offer advice on how to proceed if you need to cancel your service.

How to Cancel Etisalat SIM

If you are having issue with etisalat sim then there are three ways to cancel the Etisalat sim card, they are calling 101, visiting the nearest Etisalat store and cancelling via Etisalat mobile app.

Prepaid Etisalat Sim card

Etisalat stated that the prepaid connection will be automatically deactivated if the usage is not observed for a 12 month period after the balance is exhausted.

Postpaid Etisalat sim card

By settling down the outstanding dues of your postpaid or business account, you can cancel or deactivate your account on the spot. Once the over dues get paid, the cancellation process will be started immediately.

If you are on 12 month contract postpaid plan then you have to pay one month billing charges as cancellation fee.This means if you are on AED 200 postpaid plan then you have to pay extra 200 at the time of cancellation your etisalat postpaid sim connection.

The second postpaid offer is without contract. You are free to cancel your etisalat sim anytime without paying any additional fee if you are on without contract terms.

How To Cancel Du SIM

If you are looking for a way to cut down on your costs when traveling, then you may want to consider canceling your du sim. By canceling your du sim, you will no longer have to pay for services that you don’t use. This can be helpful if you are planning to go on vacation and don’t want to be charged for unnecessary services. You can easily cancel your du sim by contacting your service provider. Know more about deactivating all Du data packages

Postpaid du sim card

You need to visit the nearest du shop to apply for the cancellation of the services. But for that you must carry your ID card with you. At the shop you need to place a request for cancellation and need to complete the outstanding payments if any.

Once the request is placed, the account will be deactivated by the end of the bill cycle, until then you can continue on using the service.

Du also has the same policy for cancellation as etisalat. If you are using du postpaid sim with 12 month contract then you will be charged for cancellation fee, which is one month charges.

On the other hand if you are using postpaid plan without contract then you are free to cancel your du sim anytime without any additional charges.

Prepaid du sim card

For prepaid sim deactivation you can make a call to 155 and request for a permanent deactivation. Keep your ID with you for verification. You can also visit the nearest du shop to request the deactivation, you must carry your Emirates ID to verify your identity.

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