How to Check DU SIM Number

There are many ways by both online and offline to check the DU SIM owner name. We often forget our SIM’s number when purchasing a new SIM. We have no means of verifying this number, which is where either we reach their customer support or we click here. Residents in Dubai use DU SIM because it offers vouchers for presenting extremely low prices and recharging any kind of package. Now, have a look at this guide to learn how to get the owner’s details online.

6 Ways to Check Du SIM number

Here are the 6 different ways to check the Du SIM number step by step.

#1.Know Du SIM Number Using Check SIM Card Box

You must check your SIM Card box before you got it from the SIM shop. The number specified is fully S/N and has the name. If you have forgotten the SIM card, don’t proceed with this process and move on to the next step below.

#2.Check Du SIM Number Using Give a Missed call or SMS

Give a missed call or send a text or SMS  to your contacts To know your du sim number. Proceed to the third above-mentioned method if you don’t wish to use the other.

#3.Check Du SIM Number Using Short Code

The balance is not required to check the SIM number with this method. The DU SIM number can be checked using a short USSD code, which is *116#. Just dial *116# from your phone’s dial pad. After 1-2 seconds, you will see the USSD code running and the number will appear on your mobile screen. Your mobile number will appear on your screen as (Your mobile number is +97XXXXXXXXX). Save your number for future use.

#4.Check Du SIM Number Using Du official app

It is possible to check the number using the app. DU has launched the DU app, which lets users manage packages, view calls, SMS, and internet history, among other features. Once you have installed and logged into your account, you can check your SIM number. Otherwise, you will need to enter your du sim number to create an account.

#5.Check Du SIM Number Using Call the Du helpline

Many people don’t know the DU helpline number. As a result, they visit DU’s franchise and retailer center. It is another way to check the details of your DU SIM number if you are looking for the DU SIM helpline number. Contact DU at 0097143905555.

You can find your SIM number using the above methods whenever you forget it. Keep the card with the complete information written on it in a safe place whenever you buy a new SIM card. The following methods will help you remember and save your SIM number.

#6.Check Du SIM Number Using SMS Code

In SMS, type getmymsisdn and send it to 9296

You will receive your Du sim number on your mobile screen for free throughout the United Arab Emirates including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al-Khaimah, Fujairah, Ajman and Umm al Quwain.

Terms and Conditions

  • Your Du sim number will appear on your mobile screen for free
  • Check only the active sim, an inactive sim may not work
  • The code above may be changed at any time by Du, so please check Du’s website if you find an error.
  • Contact Du for more information.
  • Contact their support line or their shops across the UAE to find out who owns Du Sim, Du Number, and where they are located.

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