Sushi Samba Dubai: The Best Japanese Restaurant In Dubai

Sushi Samba Dubai is the best Japanese restaurant in Dubai because they have a wide variety of sushi dishes to choose from. They have nigiri sushi rolls, maki sushi rolls, and hand rolls, as well as their signature sushi dishes, such as the spicy tuna sushi roll and the salmon teriyaki sushi roll. Plus, they have a variety of sashimi and nigiri options for those who prefer their sushi deliciously fresh. They also have an extensive selection of Japanese wines and beers to pair with your meal.

Sushi Samba Dubai Location Overview

The 51st floor top of Palm Tower boasts an excellent panorama looking out onto the trunk of Palm Jumeirah and the surrounding ocean and skyscrapers. The neighborhood and the elevated perspective from the seats by the window provide a charming view.

Sushi Samba Dubai Menu

Sushi Samba Dubai is a Japanese restaurant in Dubai that offers a variety of sushi and samba dishes. The menu includes items like sushi rolls, nigiri, maki, and samba rolls. The restaurant also offers a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

The best way to sample SushiSamba’s selection of raw ‘seviches, is via The Samba Seviche platter. A large plate features a Palm Tower shaped ice block with the restaurant’s name frozen in while five

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