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How to login to lms.moe.gov.ae Smart Learning Portal (Guide 2021)

smart learning portal lms.moe.gov.ae is initiated by the Ministry of Education in the UAE. This is one of the online education platforms that supports the idea of ​​distance education for male and female students, as well as teachers and parents, especially in light of the spread of the Corona virus pandemic in all countries.

Through lms moe gav ae portal modern methods of education are followed that qualifies students at the highest level, in addition to sharing ideas and decisions among students, The smart education portal is easy to use by anyone.

The smart learning portal lms moe gov ae is created to achieve a strong learning environment by conveying the message of education in a new and advanced way that helps save time and effort, which contributes to enhancing the academic level of teachers, while presenting creative.

How to login to lms.moe.gov.ae?

You are wondering how to login to lms moe gov ae portal? Here I am going to tell you two methods to login to smart learning portal

Method 1:

  • Enter the official website of the Smart Learning Portal via the following link https://sso.moe.gov.ae
  • You have to enter your username and password.
  • Make sure that the name and password are entered correctly, then click on the login button
  • Now you will see the tools onscreen.
lms.moe.gov.ae login using username and password
lms.moe.gov.ae login Link 3

Method 2:

If you don’t want to enter username & password then you can also log in using UAE Pass application. Enter you UAE Pass number and confirm it from your mobile screen.

lms.moe.gov.ae login using uaepass
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Forget Password: lms.moe.gov.ae

You can easily reset the password of lms.moe.gov.ae portal by following the below steps

  • Open the Portal and Select Forgot your password.
  • You can choose to regain your password by email, phone, or answering a security question while filling out the email address. Press Verify.
  • It is recommended to register a student’s phone number for ease of access for students.
  • Enter the code then click the verify button.
  • Now Re-register your email with your new password.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password.

UAE Smart Education Portal lms.moe.gov.ae

https://sso.moe.gov.ae is one of the best electronic platforms that aim to serve education and includes many tools to help access information to students, and teachers to play their role in explaining the educational material. The most important services of the smart learning portal are as follows:

  • Education for all classes in a digital way.
  • Providing an educational and social platform in the form of an integrated electronic school.
  • Working to provide a distance fast learning system.
  • It enables communication, innovation, sharing and collaboration.

Smart learning portal for educational administrations

The smart learning portal is of great importance to educational administrations, which can be summarized in the following points:

  • See the different activities that are being carried out.
  • Classroom and course management.
  • Work to follow up the implementation of the study plans set.
  • As well as managing work groups, and communicating between members with ease.
  • Assists in following up on all receipt reports
  • Manage schedules for classes, assigning students to classes.

Ims.moe.gov.ae smart learning portal for teachers

The importance of Smart Learning portal for teachers can be summed up in many points, as follows:

  • It allows to communicate with students and discuss with them easily.
  • The possibility of recording students’ attendance and their behaviors.
  • Develop courses and study plans in an organized manner.
  • Encouraging students with rewards by awarding medals.
  • It also allows the possibility of organizing and implementing various activities.
  • View class schedules on the portal.

LMS smart learning portal for students

The smart learning portal lms moe gov ae in the UAE is of great importance to the student, as it is the cornerstone of the educational system represented in the following:

  • Access to study plans and courses.
  • Solve exams and homework.
  • See educational resources.
  • Application of summer activities with participation in them.
  • Communicating and collaborating with teachers, as well as participating in various discussions.

Importance of Lms smart portal for parents

The lms moe gov ae portal is necessary for parents, its importance lies in the following:

  • Possibility to participate in the questionnaires that are placed on the portal.
  • View courses and plans.
  • It also allows easy communication with teachers.
  • Parents’ participation in working groups organized by teachers.

Mistakes while accessing LMS portal

Some people are searching “ims moe gov” ae on google while some searching for “lms moe gov ae”. The best way is to remember the url. You can directly put url in web browser. The direct url is as below



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