The Emirati Italian Ramsa Dictionary (Emirati Dialect)

The Ramsa Institute for Teaching Emirati Ramsa to foreigners has announced the first dictionary of “Emirati Ramsa – Italian”, which contains about 1500 Emirati words translated into Italian. The dictionary contains many Emirati words and common phrases such as greetings, numbers, simple questions and messages for feasts, marriage and consolation occasions that an Italian might need in his daily life to communicate with Emiratis. The dictionary was composed by Hanan Al-Fardan and Abdullah Al-Kaabi. It was translated into Italian by Mr. Nicholas de Corato

The dictionary was published by the Poetry Academy in the Committee for the Management of Festivals and Cultural and Heritage Programs in Abu Dhabi, the first edition, which is considered the first of its kind academically accredited, specialized in the vocabulary of the Emirati dialect.

The Emirati-Italian Ramsa Dictionary is the first cultural linguistic project linking the Emirati dialect and the Italian language, which contributes to the advancement of bilateral relations between the UAE and Italy and opens up the fields for many cultural and commercial projects to enhance friendship and partnership between the two countries. Especially in light of Italy’s hosting of “Expo Milan” 2015, and the success of the UAE in winning the hosting of “Expo Dubai” 2020

There is a great interest from the Italian community in the UAE to learn more about Emirati culture and society. The Emirati-Italian Ramsa dictionary is one of the leading initiatives to support Italians to interact and communicate more with Emirati society, and Emiratis benefit from it in learning Italian words and vocabulary, as it is one of the widely spread European languages in the world. Hanan Al Fardan, Abdullah Al Kaabi and Nicholas are working on other cultural projects that contribute to spreading the culture of the UAE community and building a bridge of communication with the Italian community.


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