How to check nol card balance online using RTA Enquiry Portal

Step by step guide on how to check nol balance of card online through RTA (roads & transport authority) balance enquiry portal.

If you are living in Dubai then you know that the daily necessity for Dubai commute is Nol card. NOL card holder will be able check their balance by tapping before entering metro station.

If you don’t know how much is the current balance of nol card, it’s best check using the online road and transport authority website using our full guide.

How to Check Nol Card Balance

To check NOL card balance, You can adopt any method below.There are three ways to check nol card balance.

  1. NOL Card Balance Check Enquiry Online Though RTA Website
  2. Check NOL card Balance at Vending Machine
  3. Check nol card balance by Tapping your nol card

How To Check Rta Card Balance Online

To check nol card balance, First of all click the link below to open RTA website and then follow the pictorial guide:

There is language button of left upper side of home page. Click this button to change language So, you can check nol card balance in English.

Step 1: Click on “Public Transport” tab in order to access NOL card balance check window on your mobile/laptop screen

Check nol card balance step 1

Step 2: Click on “Check nol Balance” and Enter your NOL card Number for NOL card Balance Enquiry

Check nol card balance step 2

Step 3: Enter the number of your NOL card

Check nol card balance step 3

Step 4: Enter the secturity code shown in picture

That’s it..This is the easiest way to check nol card balance online with few clicks.

Check card Balance At Vending Machine?

To check the nol card balance at vending machine you simply have to tap the card on machine.

Check card Balance While entering Metro Station?

To check the Nol card balance while entering metro station you simply need to tap the card.

More About NOL Card

NOL card is used for paying for travel in Dubai. Whether you travel through Dubai metro bus or train you must have NOL card for payment of travel fare.

NOL card is must have card for job holders who travel every day to reach there offices.

Travel Classes and Categories

Nol card is the metro card which comes in two classes and four categories.


  • Regular
  • Student
  • People of Determination
  • Senior Citizen

Travel Class:

  • Regular
  • Gold


Nol card holders can enjoy these benefits..

  • Travel around Dubai with different modes of transportation
  • No need to carry cash with you or worry about getting exact change
  • Enjoy low cost fares and easily pay for parking in Duabi malls
  • Enjoy concession fares (for students, people of determination, and senior citizens)
  • Pay for food, groceries, and other items in authorized shops and sales agents

Types of RTA NOL Card

RTA’s NOL card comes in 4 types. Each RTA card has its own features, validity and price. All these cards can be purchased immediately at any ticket office.

1:Nol Silver Card (Best for Starter)

silver card is a smart card with e-wallet. You can load up to AED 1000 upon registering your card. This card is best for starters. You can get this card by paying AED 25 in any ticket office.

2:Nol Gold Card (Business Class Seats)

This card has the same features of silver card with one difference. If you want to book business class seats in metro train then you have to get this card.

3:Nol Blue Card (Personalized)

This is personalized metro card. You can load up to AED 5000 in this card. This card can be purchased in price of AED 70.

4:Nol Red Ticket (Paper Ticket)

NOL red ticket is paper based ticket which is issued on evets and occasions.This ticket can be purchased at any ticket vending machine at price of AED 2.

Special Discounts in Transport Fares

The RTA offers concession in fares for students, people of determination and senior citizens.

Requirement of Concession in transport fares

NOL card holder can avail concession if transport fares if the cord holder is allowed for such concession and fulfil the following requirements.


  • Emirates ID
  • Stamped paper from School/University stating the name/ID of student and academics levels

People Of Determination

  • Emirates ID
  • Letter from authorized authority stating permanent disability

Senior Citizen (Emirati)

  • Emirates ID

How to use NOL card balance for Transport & Non Transport Payments

Nol card becomes handy when it comes to usage of rta nol card. It is not only used for paying transport fares, You can also pay for grocery and parking tickets with nol card balance online.

Using Card For Transport Payments

You can use your nol card for paying transport fares in different modes of transportation. These modes of transport fare are:

Payment of Metro Bus & Train

You can travel across Dubai using nol card. Either you travel through metro bus or train in Dubai you have to use your nol card for payment.

Payment of Water Bus Ride

You can enjoy the amazing ride of water bus in Dubai by paying the fare through nol card. RTA nol card becomes very handy at this point because the transport in Dubai don’t accept cash payments.

Payment of Parking Tickets

You are in hurry! want to pay for parking tickets online using metro card? No problem! you can also pay for parking tickets online using your nol card.

Using NOL Card for Non-Transport Payments

As I mentioned at the starting of this blog post that you can also make non-transport payments using nol card. Such payments are

Payment of Food & Groceries

When you are purchasing food or groceries at popular and authorized shops in Dubai, You can pay simple by tapping your nol card on machine.

Pay for Petrol on ENOC

You can pay for petrol fill up at ENOC stations using nol card.

Pay for Visits at Parks, Museum

You don’t need to carry cash when you are visiting popular places in Dubai. Just tap your nol card and make payments.

How to top up the nol card balance?

You can top up your nol card using multiple ways. Following are the ways of topping up your card

top up nol card

RTA Online Portal

You can top up RTA nol card by visiting the RTA official website link. This is online portal for topping up your card.Follow the on screen instructions and top up your card within 2 minutes.

RTA Mobile App

The RTA mobile app has number of useful services and features. This is must have mobile app for drivers in Dubai.You can top up your card using mobile app.

Ticket Office/ Vending Machine

You can easily top your card using the vending machines and ticket offices.

How to Apply for new Nol Card?

You can apply for new RTA NOL card or you may personalize your existing nol card. Click the RTA Website link and follow the on screen instruction.

Requirements: What You need to apply for Metro Card?

  • Personal photo in Jpeg format with white background
  • Valid Emirates ID photo in Jpeg format
  • Supporting documents if any applicable
  • Card for payment

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