how to check etisalat sim number & Owner Name

Checking your etisalat sim number and registered owner name is very simple. In this article you will know multiple ways of checking etisalat number without balance.

If you have multiple etisalat sims then it is very common that you may forget your mobile number. To avoid this problem simply save all your sim numbers in your mobile sim card.

8 Ways to check Your etisalat sim number

Here are 8 different methods explained step by step to check etisalat SIM number.

#1.How to check etisalat number by code

You can check your etisalat number with USSD code. This is free of charge service to check etisalat number.

Dial Etislat number check code *101# to see sim number on mobile screen. This is free method. You will see your sim number without balance. This method can be used inside or outside of UAE.

How to check etisalat number
how to check etisalat sim number & Owner Name 6

The complete code for checking etisalat number dial *101*1*1*3*3. This code will show you sim number immediately.

Terms & Conditions

  • This method will not work on inactive sim card.
  • This method is free of charge.
  • You will see your mobile number on Mobile Screen.
  • Codes can be changed by Etisalat any time.

#2. How To Know Your Etisalat Number Using Etisalat App

You can also check mobile number using etisalat mobile app. Install the mobile app in your mobile phone.

To check etisalat number simply login to etisalat app and navigate to your account. Here you will see account number and sim number.

#3. How to check Etisalat number By Giving Missed Call (With balance)

When you have balance in etisalat sim you can call your collogue or friend to get your sim number. This is the easiest and simplest way of checking your mobile number.

#4.How to Get Etisalat Sim Number By Sending SMS (Without Balance)

You can simply send free SMS to your friend number to check your number.

  • Dial *188*yourFriendNumber#
  • It will send a message to your friend number

#5.How to check Etisalat number by Etisalat Collect Call

If you don’t have credit balance in your etisalat sim then you can also check etisalat number using Etisalat collect call service.

This is a free service by etisalat in which you can call any etisalat number without having balance. Receiver of call will bear the call charges.

How to use Collect Call:

  • By dialling *132*05xxxxxxxx# where 05xxxxxxxx is the number of the called person
  • By dialling 132 
  • For both the methods above, the receiver will first be requested to either accept or reject the call. Upon accepting, the call will then be connected.

#6.How to check Etisalat Sim Owner Name Using Website

You can check the etisalat sim owner details with website.

#7. How to Check Etisalat Sim Owner Name using Trucaller

Truecaller is a mobile app which has a database of millions of mobile numbers and saved names of owners in mobile phones. To check Etisalat sim simply log on to https://www.Truecaller.Com

  • Go to Truecaller website or Install Mobile App
  • Enter the mobile number you want to check
  • Hit search button
  • You will see the details saved in Trucaller Database
Trucaller app
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#8. How to Check etisalat sim Owner Name using is also a database of millions of phone numbers and their owner numbers. To check etisalat sim number install caller ai crm.

  • Install Mobile App
  • Enter the mobile number you want to check
  • Hit search button
  • You will see the details saved in Caller Ai Database
caller ai
how to check etisalat sim number & Owner Name 8

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