Monthly installment mobile phone in uae without credit card 2022

If you are interested in purchasing a mobile phone on monthly installment in the UAE, but do not have a credit card, or if you just want another option for getting mobile on installment without a credit card, no worries at all. There is a new development in the United Arab Emirates where you can pay monthly for cell phones instead of having to pay the full amount upfront. It is possible to pay for the phone without paying high interest or using a credit card. Due to this trend, the term Buy now, pay later is becoming more popular.

Financial technology start ups like PostPay, Tabby, Tamara, Cashew payments, and Spotii are able to offer shoppers a way to pay for most items in installments with no interest and no transaction fees, using best-of-breed technology that enables buyers to pay for small purchases or delay payments on purchases such as new headphones on a monthly basis.

In order to answer your question, let me tell you how they work.

How to Buy Mobile Phone (iPhone, Samsung) on Monthly Installment in UAE Without Credit Card?

1. Postpay:

What is Postpay Service?

Unlike other credit cards, it does not charge any transaction fees. Postpay has a 0% interest rate, which means that you won’t be charged any interest on your purchases for a certain period of time. This can be a great benefit if you need to make a large purchase and want to pay it off over time. Moreover, Postpay offers a range of installment payment options, giving you the flexibility to choose a payment plan that best fits your financial situation. For example, you may be able to choose to pay off your balance in equal monthly installments, or you may be able to opt for a plan that allows you to pay a larger amount up front and smaller amounts over

What are the installment options?

Postpay offers a variety of installment options, depending on the seller

Where can I find this service?

As of today, the company has partnered with more than 20 wonderful local and international companies, including Kcal, XDubai, The Giving Movement, Dubai Audio, and Squat Wolf.

2. Tabby:

What does Tabby serve?

Using tabby to pay for your purchase in installments can be a convenient and flexible way to manage your finances. Instead of paying the full amount for your purchase upfront, you can spread the cost over a period of time that works best for you. This can be especially helpful if you are making a large purchase and do not have the funds available to pay for it all at once. By paying in installments, you can budget your money more effectively and avoid taking on too much debt at once. Additionally, tabby provides a secure and safe way to make these installment payments, giving you peace of mind that your personal and financial information is protected.

Where can I find this service?

There are over 20 e-commerce stores you can use this service for, including Abdul Samad Al Qurashi’s cosmetics company, Souqalmal, in over twenty countries.a leader in the insurance industry, and Apparel Group, which owns Tommy Hilfiger and Aldo.

What are the installment options?

Tabby’s installment payment plan can be selected on the checkout page, and you can select whether you would like to pay in four installments over two months or three installments over three months.

3. Tamara:

What does Tamara serve?

With Tamara, you can pay in a way that is convenient and safe without having to worry about your payment problems. This also allows you to maintain your daily income balance.

What are the installment options?

You have two options if you wish to make your payment in installments:

You are able to split the payments into three over a period of 60 days without incurring any additional fees, or you can pay it all in full thirty days afterward without incurring any additional fees.

Where can I use it?

At the moment, Tamara supports all products and brands that are available on the market. Aside from Apple, you can enjoy purchasing any mobile without a credit card on installment.

4. Cashew Payments:

What does cashew serve?

Whether you are buying them online or in the store, cashews can be used as a payment method. With Chew, signing up for an account is as simple as clicking a button during the store checkout and getting approved instantly. That way, you can get what you want now and pay for it later, without incurring any additional charges.

What are the installment options?

Divide or delay the process. It is possible to place an order using this service, and it will be paid for within 14 days of the order being placed. In other words, if you choose to split the cost of your purchase into three equal monthly installments, you will be able to spread the cost over three equal monthly installments.

Where can I use it?

As a result of our cooperation with over 20 local and international partners, we are able to offer our clients Afaq center, Morgan, Designitch, Shopee, and many more.

5. Spotii:

What does Spotii serve?

In order to make their products more affordable, Spotii offers customers the option to pay in four interest free payments, with the first 25% due right away.

How does it work?

You are required to add your name, phone number, and debit card information before payment will be auto-deducted. Before the due date for payment, you will be issued with a reminder to let you know when the payment is due.

Where can I use it?

Several retailers are Spotii’s retail partners, many of which cater to the fashion and lifestyle industries. Some of these include Shein, Jumbo Electronics, Ajmal Perfumes, Laflor Store, The Plush Posh, and Moroccan home décor brand The People of Sand.


This is the easiest and most convenient way to purchase a monthly installment mobile phone in the UAE without credit card or any other product you like. Secure, convenient, and easy method of paying with no interest and a variety of installment options.


There are several options for purchasing an iPhone or android on a monthly installment plan in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) without a credit card. Here are a few options you might consider:

  1. Mobile phone plans with a contract: Many mobile phone service providers in the UAE offer monthly installment plans for mobile phones as part of a contract. These plans often require a down payment, but may not require a credit card.
  2. Installment plans through a bank: Some banks in the UAE offer installment plans for mobile phone purchases. To qualify, you may need to have a bank account and meet certain income or credit criteria.
  3. Online marketplaces: There are several online marketplaces in the UAE that offer installment plans for mobile phones without the need for a credit card. These may require a down payment and may have eligibility requirements.

It is important to carefully compare the terms and conditions of different installment plans before making a decision, as they can vary in terms of the down payment required, the length of the repayment period, and the interest rate charged.

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