How to deactivate Du Daily Data Package 2 aed 3 aed and 4 aed

This method will show you methods to deactivate or unsubscribe Du Daily Data Package including 2 aed 60mb 3 aed 100mb and 4 aed 160mb data bundles” This is a fact that unsubscribing to any du data package is not easy because there is no procedure of unsubscribing in the du mobile application. Instead of losing credit every day here I am going to tell you all the methods by which you can easily deactivate any du data package in few seconds.

This article will cover: -The different types of packages available from du -How to find out which package you have –How to deactivate du monthly/daily subscription? And more!

How to deactivate All Du Offers and packages including call and data?

You are worried because of loosing money on data bundles which you are not using right now. This guide will help you to deactivate all bundles.

May be you are planning to go to your home country on vacations and you need to unsubscribe all du packages. To deactivate all du offers including call, data and other offers open messages on your phone and write STOPALL and send  SMS to 9000.It will deactivate all Du offers.

Deactivate all Du Packages

Send SMS STOPALL to 9000

deactivate Du daily social bundle

Du Social Bundles offer a variety of ways to keep connected with friends, but if you no longer need the features offered by a particular bundle, you can deactivate it by dialing 135#. This will take you through a series of prompts to select the bundle you want to deactivate. Once you’ve made your selection, press OK to confirm and your bundle will be deactivated.
Dial Code: *135# (Updated Du Code)

Select “5” – Data offers
Select “3” – Daily data bundles
Select “2” – For daily social data bundles
Select “2” – To unsubscribe Offer
Select “1” – To confirm Deactivation

Deactivate Du Daily Data Package

You can deactivate du daily data package 2 AED 60 mb by Simply dialing the below code *135*6#.

Du daily data packages includes three offers & this method will work for all three offers to unsubscribe:

Du daily data packages are great when you need data often because most of you have high speed WIFI at offices and home. When you are traveling around you may need data for google maps. These Du Daily packages are renewed automatically after every 24 hours. You can deactivate these du Daily Data packages by following the methods below:

Method 1: You can deactivate All du daily data packages including 60mb, 100mb and 150mb by Simply dialing the below code *135*6#.

Code: *135*6#

After Dialing the code you will see pop up message on your mobile
Price Subject to 5% VAT.Select:

  1. Daily 60 MB For AED 2
  2. Daily 100 MB For AED 3
  3. Daily 150 MB for AED 4

After this pop up message
Select 1 to deactivate Du Daily Data Offer 2 aed 60MB
Select 2 to deactivate Du Daily Data Offer 3 aed 100MB
Select 3 to deactivate Du Daily Data Offer 4 aed 150MB

In Short Choose the number according to package you want to deactivate and you will see another pop up message. Choose the number to unsubscribe accordingly.

How to deactivate Du daily social bundle 4 AED 300MB, 3 AED 200MB 2 AED 120MB?
How to deactivate Du Daily Data Package 2 aed 3 aed and 4 aed 5

Deactivate Du Daily Data Package

Are you fed up of your daily data package? Well, now there’s an easy way to deactivate it! Simply dial the below code *135*6# and you’ll be done. There’s no need to visit a service centre or worry about any extra charges. Just make sure you keep a phone charger nearby in case you need to use it again!

How to Deactivate Du Daily Data Package 4 AED 150MB

If you’re not happy with your du daily data package, you can easily deactivate it by simply dialing the below code: *135*6#. This will send you to a screen where you can choose to continue using the package or deactivate it.

Deactivate Nonstop full Data Bundle

Nonstop data bundle is very economical but it lacks speed. It is very low speed data bundle.Du Nonstop Full data bundle renews automatically after 30 days. You can deactivate this offer by dialing *135*5# and then choose 2 to deactivate this offer.


  • Dial Code: *135*5#
  • Choose 2 to deactivate
  • Confirm to deactivate Nonstop Data

Deactivate Du Daily Saver

Du Daily saver bundle is good for saving money as it provides 50 MB of data 5 international/local minutes and 5 SMS in just AED 2.5. It is good for starters who don’t want to spend more on du data and call bundles.

Dial this code *135*7# to activate or deactivate Du daily saver offer.

Method: To Deactivate Du Daily Saver bundle

Code: *135*7#

daily Unlimited Social data Package 2 AED

You can easily deactivate unlimited social bundle.

  • Go to message and type new message
  • Write 1355 in Recipient Number and type STOP SOCIAL
How to deactivate Du Daily Data Package 2 aed 3 aed and 4 aed 6
Codes to Deactivate Du Bundle/Packages 2021Code
Du daily social bundle
Du Daily Data Package
Nonstop full Data Bundle
Du Daily Saver bundle
Du daily Unlimited Social data Package

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Du Data Offer

Du telecom offers multiple data offers for residents of UAE. Du data offer includes daily , weekly and monthly data offers. You can check special du data offers free by dialing *050# from your mobile. After dialing this code you will see a list of available data offers. Or alternatively log on to Du app and click on buy bundle then select data…
Now you will see all available data offers.

Daily Du Data Offers

daily du data offers
How to deactivate Du Daily Data Package 2 aed 3 aed and 4 aed 7

Monthly Du Data Offers

monthly du data offer
How to deactivate Du Daily Data Package 2 aed 3 aed and 4 aed 8

Frequently Asked Questions

How to deactivate du daily data package 3 aed 100 mb?

Method 1: Through USSD Code
1.Dial 1357# from your DU mobile number. [Image of Dialing 1357# on a mobile phone]
2.Press the call button.
3.The Daily Saver Bundle will be deactivated.
Method 2: Through SMS
1.Send the message “STOP DAILY” to 5105
2.You will receive a confirmation SMS that the Daily Saver Bundle has been deactivated.

How to deactivate du social bundle?

There are two ways to deactivate the Du Social Bundle:
Method 1: Through USSD Code
Dial 135116# from your DU mobile number. 135116# on a mobile phone]
Press the call button.
The Social Bundle will be deactivated.
Method 2: Through SMS
Send the message “STOP SOCIAL” to 1355.
Sending SMS to 1355
You will receive a confirmation SMS that the Social Bundle has been deactivated.

How to deactivate Du Social Bundle?

deactivate the Du Daily Saver through SMS:
Send the SMS message: Send the message “STOP DAILY” to the number 5105.
Receive confirmation: Similar to the USSD method, you will receive a confirmation SMS notifying you that the Daily Saver bundle has been deactivated.
Remember that deactivating the Daily Saver will instantly cancel any remaining data allowance.

About Du Telecom

Du was officially known as Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company EITC. It had 4.5 million subscribers in March 2011. Edara, a sister concern was founded in 2018. Edara is a subsidiary of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company EITC.
Du provides fixed and mobile telephone, broadband connectivity and IPTV to households, businesses, and consumers. You can identify it using the prefixes 505 or 5.

Du launched its own mobile service on February 11, 2007 with almost identical call tariffs to Etisalat’s, eliminating any chance of price competition.Du Live!, Pay As You Go Prepaid Plan with WoW Recharge Card, Emirati plan, du TV+, du TV/Internet Dual-Play Package Talk and Surf, and du TV/Internet/Landline Triple-Play Package Talk, Surf, and Watch are some of the products and services du promotes.


In this blog post you have learned all methods to deactivate du data offers.

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